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    7th of October 2020

    Day 1

    Video #1 - Using LinkedIn Profile Sales Funnel strategy.
    Video #2 - Analyzing LinkedIn keywords in your industry or niche.
    Video #3 - Creating the custom URL and optimizing your profile visibility.

    8th of October 2020

    Day 2

    Video #4 - Improving your LinkedIn profile photo.
    Video #5 - Designing an attractive LinkedIn Background picture.
    Video #6 - Writing a compelling LinkedIn Headline.

    9th of October 2020

    Day 3

    Video #7 - Configuring LinkedIn Providing Services functionality.
    Video #8 - Writing an eye-catching LinkedIn About section.
    Video #9 - Customizing an engaging LinkedIn Featured Media.

    10th of October 2020

    Day 4

    Video #10 - Writing a compelling LinkedIn Experience section.
    Video #11 - Filling out an interesting LinkedIn Education content.
    Video #12 - Customizing LinkedIn Licenses & Certifications.

    11th of October 2020

    Day 5

    Video #13 - Improving LinkedIn Skills & Endorsements.
    Video #14 - Writing and getting significant LinkedIn Recommendations.
    Video #15 - Adjusting the LinkedIn Accomplishments section.

    12th of October 2020

    Day 6

    Video #16 - Customizing LinkedIn Interests section.
    Video #17 - Filling out a Volunteer Experience.
    Video #18 - Creating a public Linkedin profile badge.

    13th of October 2020

    Day 7

    Webinar - How to generate leads on LinkedIn in 2020?
    E-book - The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn Profile in 2020

    Do you like the agenda?

    My name is Chris (Krystian) Koronowski and I'm your host for this challenge!

    I have been an entrepreneur and startups founder for over 10 years!

    My first startup and then software house I started with my university friends ten years ago. During that time, I worked with dozens of businesses, and I was responsible mainly for the sales and marketing departments. What I’ve learned from my experience is that a predictable lead generation process is a crucial factor for a successful startup or business! Last five years, I’ve spent mainly on improving and perfecting lead gen methods generating thousands of leads for my clients.

    I have been consulting and delivering Lead Gen education for 3 years!

    After some time, I figured out that delivering my Lead Gen services, I can only serve 3-5 clients a month, and there were more of them waiting in the line. Therefore, I started doing individual consulting and education and teach the same processes I’m using with my clients!

    I am creating this challenge to inspire and help even more people!

    Improving your LinkedIn profile is a first step in building your brand as an expert! It will give you more possibilities to generate leads, close bigger deals, and grow your business in the long term. 


    Chris is literally the best person on earth (at least that I know personally) when it comes to LinkedIn Growth. If you want to achieve success here, he is your go-to-guy. Chris is a person that will take care of everything A-Z, starting from strategy, processes, execution, and optimization. His skills go way beyond LinkedIn, as I had a privilege working with him on a large scope of international growth projects, where he also did his magic.

    Iwo Szapar

    Remote Work Advocate & Founder of Remote-how
    Chris is a brilliant specialist not only in the lead generation field but also in the whole marketing/sales strategy. He understands how B2B works and is very open to new trends. He helped me to change our sales cycle, where optimization is a huge part of our work. Now we are able to do much more with less effort.

    Mati Klupczynski

    CEO at
    We've been working with Chris a couple of times. Firstly he was delivering training to our Make My Mind team to teach them how to generate leads for sales and recruitment. Then he was our principal sales consultant when we were developing the Workeo startup. The methodology implemented by Chris brought results after the first month of cooperation. Great processes, tools and support contributed to positive changes in our sales and recruitment department.

    Kinga Michalak

    Owner at Make My Mind & Workeo
    I had the pleasure of working with Chris on generating leads projects. He is a professional who always provides what he has declared. During our cooperation, Chris prepared high-quality campaigns, resulting in increased sales results for my sales team. Partnership with him is a great pleasure!

    Dawid Bychawski

    Business Development Manager at
    Chris and I collaborated when my agency ran a campaign for a client from the commercial real estate industry. LinkedIn activities aimed to generate new business leads and were supporting a broader marketing campaign. His innovative approach resulted in exceeding set KPI’s, ensuring both client’s and our marketing agency satisfaction.

    Mati Brzezniak

    Account Manager at Arskom Group
    I cooperated with Chris on the project of gaining new clients for Talent Place. We implemented the project in a challenging market. I was impressed by his determination to achieve the goals, and finally, it was a key factor of success. He was also characterized by thoroughness and professionalism. I recommend cooperation with Chris!

    Rafal Chmura

    Head Of Sales Department at Talent Place
    Chris is the right person to work with. The professional and pro-active approach in finding the best solutions in terms of e-commerce, marketing, and lead generation. Fast and accurate! Fully recommend this gentleman for cooperation.

    Tomasz Chojnacki

    Managing Director at Hotel Marketing Group




    Who is this challenge for?

    This challenge is for founders, marketers, salespeople, entrepreneurs, business consultants, and everyone who wants to create a professional LinkedIn profile!


    Is it really for free, no hidden costs?

    Yes, it is! I want to reach and engage with as many people as possible, making sure everyone can participate in the challenge. I’d appreciate it if you could help me spread the word about it.


    Where and when is it happening?

    Improve your LinkedIn Profile challenge is a virtual one-week event. It’s happening online from October 7-13, 2020. You can join it from anywhere, literally.


    How can I join the challenge?

    To join the challenge, fill out this short form below, and you will be registered. I will send you a confirmation email with all the information.


    How much time do I have to spend?

    Each video will be 1-5 min long, and you will get access to 3 videos daily, plus the time you should spend on exercises 15-30 min, so in total around 30-45 min every day.


    How long will I have access to the challenge?

    You will have access to the challenge for a whole week, 7-13th of October, and it should be enough for you to watch all videos and do the exercises! 



      I will never send you SPAM, only high-quality content.
      More information you can find on – Privacy Policy.

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