LinkedIn Social Selling is a strategy to leverage your social network to build relationships with people, find a good match with leads by solving their problems, and eventually reach your sales goals. This technique involves various activities like building your professional brand through thought leadership and content creation, engaging with the right audience, and developing trust within your network.

Social Selling enables you to generate more qualified sales leads and eliminates the need for cold emailing or cold calling. 

By building trust and providing value, you will warm up your relationship with leads, and they will start buying from you, not the other way around, you selling them your services.

This article explains why and how you should invest your time to boost your LinkedIn Social Selling. You can also jump directly to sections that are the most interesting for you:

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Why should you care about Social Selling?

First of all, entrepreneurs who use Social Selling get better results. Just look at those statistics below:

  • Social selling leaders create 45% more opportunities
  • 78% of social sellers outsell peers who don’t use social media
  • Entrepreneurs who use Social Selling are 51% more likely to reach sales goals.

Moreover, if you build your professional brand using social media, then 81% of buyers are more likely to engage with you

LinkedIn also surveyed 5,000 sales professionals globally and compared their performance on the platform with their sales quota. They have found out that sales reps who engage with a content of 10+ people per account, were 69% more likely to exceed their quota.

Additionally, you can get promoted faster in your career if you use Social Selling. LinkedIn did another study and analyzed more than 150,000 people who got job promotion in the last two years. They found out that those with high Social Selling Index Scores were promoted 17 months faster than those with a low SSI.

It is equally important to understand why Social Selling is crucial for your sales and business success and know how to measure it. Let’s then jump into the explanation of the Social Selling Index Score.

What is the LinkedIn Social Selling Index Score?

To help quantify the advantage of Social Selling, LinkedIn created the first of its kind measurement system called the Social Selling Index (SSI).

The Social Selling Index is divided into the 4 pillars and scored on a scale from 0 to 100. Each of the four pillars has a maximum score o 25 points, and the compiled score is your Social Selling Index ranking.

The four pillars of SSI

1. Establish your professional brand

More and more B2B buyers choose vendors to work with based on trust. They are very selective, and social media platforms are giving them the possibility to verify companies and people before deciding to work with them. 

A reliable and professional LinkedIn profile builds up your credibility and brings you more leads to discuss potential cooperation.

2. Find the right people

Social Selling gives you a faster and better possibility to find and connect with leads than traditional Selling like cold calling. Moreover, 50% of buyers are less likely to engage if they aren’t the right person to contact about a product or service.

Don’t waste your time on cold outreach like cold emailing or calling. Instead, identify prospects that meet your criteria – such as industry, position, or size of a company and start building relations. Over 76% of buyers are ready to have a social media conversation on the platform like LinkedIn.

3. Engage with insights

LinkedIn allows you to position yourself as a thought leader and expert in your industry. You can build up your professional brand by sharing relevant and value-based insights or commenting and sharing leads content.

Over 62% of B2B buyers expect to read insights and learn new knowledge before connecting with a salesperson.

4. Build relationships

Earning trust with potential customers is crucial for your long term success. Help your leads by providing relevant insights to common pain points they have. Focus on their needs and start with genuine conversations. Selling should be a final result of well-developed relationships.

Below you can find an example of LinkedIn Social Selling Index Score and here is the link where you can find yours:

LinkedIn Social Selling Dashboard

How to improve your LinkedIn Social Selling?

Now, when you know what Social Selling is and why to invest your time to implement it as a long term strategy, let’s jump right into how to do it.

The strategy consists of 15 activities divided into 4 pillars of the LinkedIn Social Selling Index.

Establish your brand as an expert and thought leader

1. Create a LinkedIn profile with your customer in mind and make sure that your profile is All-Star.

LinkedIn Social Selling - Profile Strength
LinkedIn Social Selling - Profile All-Star

2. Add relevant multimedia to position you as a thought leader and share examples of your work or insights.

LinkedIn Social Selling - Featured Multimedia

3. Showcase your skills and ask for endorsements to prove your expertise.

LinkedIn Social Selling - Skills & Endorsements

4. Give and ask for recommendations to build up your credibility and showcase successful cooperation with your customers.

LinkedIn Social Selling - Recommendations

Discover the right audience for your service or product

5. Use the LinkedIn Sales Navigator search tool to build your leads and accounts lists.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Saved Searches

6. Utilize your network to find out who can make you a warm introduction.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Introductions

7. Research potential leads and find similarities to establish relationships.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Highlights

8. Review who is viewing your profile and then engage with relevant leads.

LinkedIn Profile Views

Join the conversations and engage with content

9. Join groups relevant to your industry and follow influencers, as well as your customers and competitors.

LinkedIn Groups
LinkedIn Follows

10. Distribute relevant insights to strengthen your personal brand.

LinkedIn Post

11. Engage in discussions with your network by sharing, liking, and commenting on posts.

LinkedIn Likes

12. Save leads and accounts to be up to date with their updates on the LinkedIn platform.

LinkedIn Save Leads

Build up your network and develop powerful relationships

13. Consistently grow your network among your target audience.

LinkedIn Connections

14. Focus on building relationships with senior-level decision-makers.

LinkedIn Senior-level Decision-makers

15. Nurture your relationships with leads by meeting personally or virtually and always provide value.

LinkedIn Free Consultation

That’s all for today. Let me know if those 15 activities will help you improve your Social Selling on LinkedIn

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