I very often hear from my clients that they don’t have ideas for LinkedIn posts, or their posts are not getting much views or engagements. It is natural, and I’ve also been there when I was starting with LinkedIn content strategy.

You can be confused about what to post, how often, and what should be the call to action. To help you out and save your time, I decided to pick up the best and proven LinkedIn post ideas, that performed the best for me, so I believe it will also work for you.

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#1 Tip or trick of the week post

Share your tips on how your clients can achieve fast results and success. In today’s world, knowledge is available everywhere, so don’t be afraid to share your deepest secrets and easy to implement tricks. 

Your potential clients will start seeing you as an expert, and they will recognize that by dedicating time and knowledge, you will provide real value for them. We all know that time equals money.

Goal/Objective: The main goal is to show your expertise and give your audience quick and easy to implement tips. You should also ask to comment if the advice was useful and to follow you for more posts like this.

Recommended Frequency: One time per week

Here is of the LinkedIn Posts examples where I share 3 easy to implement steps to change your LinkedIn profile into Sales Funnel.

Did you know that you can build your LinkedIn profile into Sales Funnel and increase your conversion to leads? Let me show you how you can do this with those ? ???? ?? ????????? ?????. ?

1. ????????? – Explain how you can help your potential clients. It will help if you are as transparent as possible, so visitors can make a quick decision on whether to learn more about you.

2. ???????? – Address pain points your potential clients have and explain your unique selling proposition. Mention briefly what kind of services you offer and what were your results with other clients – gather endorsements and recommendations to prove the outcomes.

3. ???????? & ?????? – Your main objective is a customer action. They can book a consulting or demo session with you, check your article on the blog, watch a video, or contact you through LinkedIn direct message or e-mail.

Let me know if this was helpful and also, follow me – Krystian Koronowski for more tips & tricks about LinkedIn.

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#2 Statistics from the industry post

We all love statistics, especially when it comes to proving that different solutions are working. It is one of the best ways to inform your audience about what is happening in your industry or niche. 

You can use it as a source of data, researches that were conducted by other companies or people, or you can make your own, and then share the insights. 

Just to give you an example, I decided to do a research and find different statistics about LinkedIn, and now I have a source of 115 different stats to use as posts.

Goal/Objective: The goal is to prove your audience with given statistics that the industry you are targeting is going in the right direction, or that solutions you provide are useful, or they can improve the results faster than they expect.

Recommended Frequency: One time per week or two weeks

In the next of the LinkedIn posts examples, I share statistics of how many people are on LinkedIn and how many of them are posting the content.

LinkedIn declares that they have nearly 630 million members globally. What does it mean for you and your personal branding? You will find the answer below. ?

On one side, you can think – “F#$%, more and more people are on LinkedIn, and I will not make it in such a crowd”.

On the bright side, when you go to Sales Navigator, and you search through all the continents available, you will get a significant statistic! ?

That right now, when I’m writing this post, only 19+ million people posted something on LinkedIn in the past 30 days.

When you do the quick math, you will get that only 3% of all LinkedIn members are posting content on LinkedIn… Yes, that’s true, and I was also shocked! ?

This is great news for you! Especially in those tough times when many more people are spending time on their phones, checking out their LinkedIn Newsfeed. 

Even by posting just one time a week you will get to that 3% of active members and get your brand exposure! ?

Let me know in the comment if you like those kinds of posts with statistics and follow me – Krystian Koronowski for more insights on LinkedIn.

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#3 Promote your website content post

You want to share your content on LinkedIn to convert your potential clients to visit your website or landing page. On the other hand, LinkedIn wants to keep your audience engaged on its platform.

Therefore if you post direct links, they will cut the visibility of your posts. The most important thing to remember when promoting your website content is to add a link in a comment. You should also give some value upfront in the post to build interest.

Goal/Objective: Your goal is to convert your LinkedIn audience into visitors to your website. Don’t add the link in the post and instead attach it in the comments section. Build engagement by asking a question.

Recommended Frequency: One or two times per week.

You can check below an excellent example of a post that promotes the website content.

Why should you care about Social Selling on LinkedIn? First of all, entrepreneurs who use Social Selling get better results. ?Just look at those statistics below:

– Social selling leaders create 45% more sales opportunities
– 78% of social sellers outsell peers who don’t use social media
– Entrepreneurs who use Social Selling are 51% more likely to reach sales goals.

Moreover, if you are building your professional brand using LinkedIn, then 81% of buyers will be more interested in engaging with you. ?

❓The question is how to improve our Social Selling on LinkedIn❓

I answered that in the recent article on my blog – giving you 15 activities you can do to boost your LinkedIn Social Selling! ? Link in the first comment below. ?

Which activities are you doing already, and which of them are you planning to implement? ?

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#4 Ask your audience a question post

Asking a question is always great. You can gain feedback from your audience on basically anything, your next blog article, or even on the idea of your upcoming product or service. 

Go out of your comfort zone and start engaging with your community by asking meaningful questions, and you will be so surprised how great those posts are.

Goal/Objective: The main goal is to get feedback on the topic you are interested in, or what you want to write an article about. Make it as short and strict to the point as possible. Don’t add another call to action to make sure your audience will do what you ask for – answer your question.

Recommended Frequency: One or two times per week.

LinkedIn posts examples of a short post with a question to your audience you can find below.

I’m currently writing an article about LinkedIn Social Selling Index and have a question for you. What would you like to learn?

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#5 Share a useful tool post

We live in a world where technology is solving lots of challenges and problems we face every day. Many people are not tech-savvy, and they will be grateful for sharing with them useful tools.

If you are using a tool that is solving your challenges and by using it, your work is more comfortable, faster, and more efficient, share that tool with your audience.

Goal/Objective: Your goal is to share with your community a useful tool that will improve their work or give them valuable insights. Inform them about the results and what they can expect using the tool.

Recommended Frequency: One time per two weeks.

Below you can find one of the LinkedIn posts ideas of a tool for improving the profile picture that I shared with my audience.

Did you know that you can gain 21x more profile views and up to 36x more replies to your messages just by adding a LinkedIn profile picture? If the photo is professional, the statistics even increase. ?

There is a tool created by Snappr Inc. team that uses the latest research, combined with image recognition and machine learning technologies, to determine how good is your LinkedIn profile picture.

This analyzer is backed up by data – lots of data! The Snappr team has analyzed thousands of photos and people’s reactions to them. ?

You will get many suggestions on how to optimize your LinkedIn profile picture based on face impression, composition, and image editing.

Check it out by yourself! Link to my article about this tool you can find in the first comment. Don’t forget to let me know what do you think about it, and what is your score? ?

Also, follow me – Krystian Koronowski for more tips & tricks about LinkedIn.

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#6 Dose of an inspiration post

As human beings, we get motivation from other people. We look toward experts and influencers and not only try to learn from them but, more importantly, to receive a dose of inspiration. 

Remember to share useful knowledge, and from time to time, motivate your community.

Goal/Objective: This post goal is to create inspiration in your community. You can share anything that you think will build positive emotions and create additional motivation.

Recommended Frequency: One time per two weeks.

Check out a below LinkedIn posts example for inspiration, where I share how to build a business with an Ikigai in mind.

Do you create your business with Ikigai in mind? Let me give you an example of what business purpose created in Ikigai way is. ???

First of all, you should do something that you LOVE! ❤️ We all know that when we do the work that we don’t like, we can quickly get burned out.

Secondly, do something that THE WORLD NEEDS, and you can make it a better place for everyone! ?

The third thing is to find the work you are GREAT AT, so you can provide the best value possible to your customers. ?

Last but not least, you should do the work that you can be PAID FOR. ? We all need money to live, and you should charge for the service or product you are providing.

Below you can find the Business Paradise Ikigai, and what I love doing, how I make the world a little better, what I am good at, and for what services my clients pay.

I hope that this will give you some inspiration for this Saturday 🙂 Stay safe and healthy!

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