LinkedIn is right now the #1 platform for founders, consultants, and coaches to build a personal brand. This means your LinkedIn profile should be your branding page, where you show your potential clients who you are, how you can help them, and why they should consider cooperating with you.

This platform can offer you incredible opportunities to build business relationships and close deals. And yet still just a small percentage of you take care of your LinkedIn profiles.

The main reasons are lack of time and more critical tasks than building a personal brand on LinkedIn. We are all busy, but neglecting personal branding can cost you missing valuable sales opportunities

Your potential clients can choose other experts in your industry because of their personal brand.

To help you out, I’ve created this article to give you five quick tips to create a compelling LinkedIn profile that will immediately boost your personal brand.

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What will we focus on in your LinkedIn profile today?

Let’s be clear on one fundamental matter – if you want to build your brand, your LinkedIn profile is not your resume. Don’t get me wrong, you can still showcase your previous experience, but in this article, we will mainly focus on your potential client.

Your primary intention is to turn your LinkedIn profile into a sales funnel for new leads. You will create this by funneling visitors down the page and organizing places to engage with you. 

Your LinkedIn profile sales funnel

Starting from the cover and profile photo, then through the headline and your services, to your summary, featured media section, experience, recommendations, and get them to your inbox or landing page.

Creating a profile funnel will help you take advantage of the traffic coming to your LinkedIn profile. Without it, visitors will have an issue to figure out your offer and how to contact you to get your advice and help.

Let’s take a look at the funnel and different goals every section have:

LinkedIn profile sales funnel
  • AWARENESS – Custom URL, Profile Photo, Cover Photo, Headline, Providing Services

Explain how you can help your potential clients. Those sections should be as transparent as possible, so visitors can make a quick decision on whether to learn more about you.

  • INTEREST – Summary, Experience, Endorsements, Recommendations

Address pain points your potential clients have and explain your unique selling proposition. Mention briefly what kind of services you offer and what were your results with other clients – gather endorsements and recommendations to prove the outcomes.

  • DECISION & ACTION – Featured Media, CTA at the end of different sections

Your main objective is customer action. They can book a consulting or demo session with you, check your article on the blog, watch a video, or contact you through LinkedIn direct message or e-mail.

Today we will focus only on the first part – AWARENESS, and I will cover other goals in the following weeks. So let’s get started!

AWARENESS - Custom URL, Profile Photo, Cover Photo, Headline, Providing Services

TIP #1: Make your LinkedIn profile visible to the public and pick a custom URL

The first step to make sure you will get more profile views is to set your profile to be visible for the public. This affects if your LinkedIn profile will appear on search engines and to people who are not on LinkedIn.

You can change your settings from anonymous to the public from your profile page. Here are the four steps how to do it:

  1. Click the Me icon with your picture on the top right corner of the LinkedIn homepage.
  2. Click View profile, just under your picture and headline.
  3. On the right view of your profile page, click Edit public profile & URL.
  4. Under Edit Visibility, turn On your profile’s public visibility.

On the same page, you can also customize the URL of your profile. Create your personalized link as first and last name, so potential prospects and leads can easily recognize your profile.

TIP #1: Make your LinkedIn profile visible to the public and pick a custom URL

TIP #2: Choose a professional photo for your LinkedIn profile

Your LinkedIn profile photo is crucial. If you don’t have an attractive photograph of yourself on LinkedIn, then building a personal brand doesn’t make much sense.

You can gain 21x more profile views and up to 36x more messages just by adding a profile picture. If the photo is professional, the statistics even increase. 

It should be friendly and representative to make a first great impression. Think about it like if you went to a meeting with potential clients and you want to look good. There are three main rules that you should follow:

  1. The picture should be in high resolution and cropped to 400 x 400 pixels.
  2. You should be in front of the neutral background
  3. There is only you on the photo and no friends, family members or pets.

Analyze your profile picture

If you want to get even better results, you should analyze your LinkedIn profile photo using Snappr’s Photo Analyzer. This tool uses image recognition and machine learning technologies to determine how well your photo will perform.

Let’s analyze my LinkedIn profile picture using Snappr:

TIP #2: Choose a professional photo for your LinkedIn profile

Snappr rates the attractiveness of my LinkedIn profile photo as 80 and gives me lots of suggestions on how to optimize the image. Firstly, they provide advice on how to enhance your face impression.


Then they give the next suggestions on improving composition and how to make the LinkedIn profile picture look even better.


The last group of ideas is about picture editings like brightness, contrast, sharpness, saturation, and color temperature.


There is also a trend right now on LinkedIn to have a LinkedIn profile photo without a background and add a rounded frame with your branding colors.

You can easily remove the image background using the tool – On the right side of the below picture, you can see my original photo, and on the left, the one without background.


If you want to add branded framing to your picture, the best and free tool to do that is Canva. It will look like the one below.


You can change the picture by clicking on the Pencil icon right next to your image in the Edit intro section. Then click Change photo and upload the new one and adjust the size of the picture.

TIP #2: Choose a professional photo for your LinkedIn profile

TIP #3: Create a compelling LinkedIn profile cover photo

Now, when you have an outstanding LinkedIn profile photo, it’s time to take care of your cover picture. Your header is usually the first thing people notice when they enter your profile. 

You have just a couple of seconds to grasp visitors’ attention and explain visually what you do and how you can help them. If they find it interesting, they can start reading your full profile.

Here are a few LinkedIn profile cover photo tips to make it memorable and engaging:

  1. The picture should be cropped to 1584 x 396 pixels.
  2. Inform about what you do and how you help your clients.
  3. Add your logotype or website address to build up your brand.
  4. Use an eye-catching background image.
  5. Add one sentence message of Call to Action.

As an example, you can check the cover photo created by me:

TIP #3: Create a compelling LinkedIn profile cover photo

The best way to create your cover image is to use Canva’s LinkedIn Banner Templates. They have a collection of many ready-made templates that are free to personalize with no design experience required.


You can change the cover, by clicking on the Pencil icon on the top-right corner in the Edit intro section. Then click Change photo and upload the new one and adjust the size of the picture.


TIP #4: Write an attention-grabbing headline for your LinkedIn profile

By default, the LinkedIn profile headline is picked from your work section, and it will show your current position and company. If this is your headline, then make sure to change it as soon as possible. 

A compelling headline can make a big difference for potential clients who are visiting your profile. It should get them interested in seeing more and read your LinkedIn profile.

There are also more reasons why you should create an attention-grabbing headline:

1. Your headline is visible on all the searches on LinkedIn and Sales Navigator.


2. When you post or comment, your headline is just above your text.


3. All invitations you send to potential clients have your headline.


Right now, when you know why it’s essential to stand out with a LinkedIn profile headline, let’s jump into what is the best format. 

There are different approaches to create an attention-grabbing headline, and all of them have the same purpose.

It’s your Unique Selling Proposition or USP. In just one sentence, you should be able to tell your potential clients how you can help them.

I have analyzed different LinkedIn profiles from many industries, and the best template for exceptional headline looks like this:

  • Helping {Target Audience} with {Unique Selling Proposition} | {Keyword 1} | {Keyword 2}


  • {Title} at {Company Name} – We help {Target Audience} with {Unique Selling Proposition}

For the inspiration, please check my headline below:

TIP #4: Write an attention-grabbing headline for your LinkedIn profile

TIP #5: Showcase services that you offer on your profile

LinkedIn some time age added a new feature, called Showcase services – to help businesses grow. It is rolled out to leaders of small companies, consultants, coaches, and freelancers. The feature looks like this:

TIP #5: Showcase services that you offer on your profile

When you click on See all details, you will get more information about provided services, the work location, the possibility to deliver the work remotely, and contact preferences. You can then write a message to the expert.


So, how can you turn on this functionality? 

On your profile page, you should be able to find a box under your profile headline that looks like the one below. If you don’t see this option, you can apply for the Waitlist under this link, and LinkedIn support will turn on it for you.

Click Get started, and on the next window, click Continue.


On the Add services you offer page, click Add service and choose the services you can help your potential customers. Currently, LinkedIn supports 16 business categories and over 150 different services. Go through the available categories or search the keywords connected with your business.


You can choose your current location and if you are open to doing the work remotely. Pick also option to allow LinkedIn members who are not in your connections to be able to contact you for free.


Here is what I selected for my business:


That’s all for now. I will create another article about further sections of your LinkedIn profile. Stay tuned! 

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